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Helping children experiencing challenges engage more confidently with childhood.

How can we help you?

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Welcome to Imagine Therapies .

“Our emblem is a winged Pegasus for a simple reason – we’re here to grow & strengthen the wings these special children need to fly with confidence, success & resilience through childhood, & beyond”  

Every child deserves a happy childhood, rich in educational and developmental opportunities, but for some children and their families this is less straight forward than for others.

Many different kinds of physical or neurological conditions – as well as social or family circumstances – can pose challenges during childhood. Read more about typical childhood conditions and challenges here.

Imagine Therapies exists to help, support and guide these children, their families, their schools and others in the ‘village’ that it takes to raise a child.

Our services – provided by accredited paediatric professionals – are delivered in schools & early learning centres, in homes, onsite in our offices and, soon, even online to regional and remote communities.

Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Agency, Imagine Therapies is an officially recognised ‘Allied Health’ care provider that regularly works with primary care services – such as GP’s and Paediatricians – and a range of Government agencies.

Our emblem is a winged Pegasus for a simple reason – we’re here to grow and strengthen the wings these special children need to fly with confidence, success and resilience through childhood, and beyond.

Sally Fitzgerald

Founder & Managing Director

Our Solutions & Services

Early Detection Service

Early identification of childhood conditions and school readiness screening.
Conducted in classrooms and early learning environments – funded by educational facilities and/or parent groups.

Child Assessment Service

Assessment of the underlying causes of common problems like difficulties concentrating or communicating, picky eating, bed wetting, motor skill issues and more. Supports formal diagnosis and school verification.

One-On-One Therapy

Goal-driven, evidence-based therapy provided by accredited paediatric professionals wherever needed – in-home, at our clinic or at school or early learning centres – in close collaboration with parents and/or care providers.

Retained Support for Educational Establishments

Collaborating with schools and early learning centres to establish an holistic program of tailored workshops, one-on-one coaching, individual student advice, verification assessments and classroom interventions designed to meet the entire needs of the entire school community.

ASD Early Intervention Packages

A suite of early intervention packages for children with ASD and their parents. The program includes an online resources library, live webinars, group programs and one-to-one therapy. Packages are delivered onsite at our clinic, in your homes, at schools or via the internet.

Equipment Prescription

Some children may be eligible for up to $10,000 worth of equipment to assist with mobility, community access and communication under the CAETAI Initiative. We are Government-funded to help eligible families apply.


Professional Development

Tailored packages that help teachers, early educators, learning support personnel and teacher aides develop and deploy the specialist skills needed to successfully teach and nurture students with a range of childhood conditions and challenges.

Parent & Caregiver Education

Our ongoing program of workshops and webinars on specific childhood development and parenting topics. such as Fussy Eating, Behaviour Management and Being a Developmentally Conscious Parent. See full events calendar here.

School Holiday Program

Much of the progress made in the school year can be lost during the holidays. Our School Holiday Program inspires children to consolidate the skills learnt during the school term in our safe clinic environment where they have fun meeting children from other schools too.

Group Therapy

Facilitating 3 to 4 children’s development simultaneously, group therapy plays an unique and cost-effective role in achieving certain social, communication and physical development goals. Often takes place in familiar environments such as at school with children known to each other.

Child Habitat Optimisation

Analysing and optimising the home, classroom or other environments to meet the unique learning and development needs of individual children or an entire classroom to meet the needs of children with varying challenges or abilities.

Our Professions

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) help people of all ages to participate in the things they want and need to do, in order to excel at the job of living. Through holistic intervention, combined with the therapeutic use of everyday meaningful activities, our OT’s provide the tools and strategies needed to overcome barriers, illness or disability.

At Imagine Therapies, we work in the many areas of development, some including play, self care and motor skills, parenting support, coaching and group programs, cognitive and academic development and achievement, teacher workshops, coaching and training.

Our Speech and Language pathologists (SLP) are trained to help children that have communication difficulties. We specialise in speech production, listening skills, social skills, fluency, voice production, alternative forms of communication and literacy skills as well as difficulties swallowing food and drink safely. Our speech and language pathologists work closely with clients to identify issues and create a plan which is most effective for them.

For a child, it is crucial that difficulties in communication are addressed. A child’s formative years rely on communication to build bonds with family, use socially appropriate skills so they can develop friendships, learn how to listen and comprehend their world, build their vocabulary and to reach their highest potential in academic skills. We continue to learn new things throughout our whole life by reading, writing, listening and speaking. A speech and language pathologist can help reach our highest potential in all these domains so that we can live a full and rewarding life.

We can help if your child:

  • has problems understanding what people say
  • has difficulty following directions
  • gets frustrated by not being able to say what he wants to say or by not being understood by others
  • has trouble maintaining a conversation
  • finds socialising with other children challenging
  • has problems feeding/swallowing
  • has a long term husky voice or is hard to hear
  • stutters
  • is not talking verbally due to a cognitive difficulty and needs help finding alternative ways to communicate
  • has a history of ear infections and you’re worried about their communication
  • needs help learning to read
  • has trouble keeping up with work at school
Imagine Therapies is committed to providing specialised assessments, consultations and therapies to our diverse client base. Our psychologists are dedicated to delivering services in alignment with our vision that are founded on evidence based practice. Our psychologists are here to listen, and to provide a personal plan for you.
Our services include psychometric assessments, individualised and group therapy, home based programs, school consultations and training workshops. We assist children, adolescents and adults with a range of skill building and training activities, behavioural management, anxiety, depression, working memory and attention difficulties, pregnancy support and relationship counselling.

We also offer comprehensive assessments for:

  • School readiness
  • Giftedness
  • Learning difficulties
  • Developmental delay
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Through every step of the process, our case coordinators are here to assist you. From scheduling multiple therapy sessions to organising funding and linking you with government and non government services, our support is continuous. Our case co-ordinators facilitate small group early intervention programs for children with autism spectrum disorder support families through this entire process.

We want you to be able to live as you wish to live. We have developed a distinctive service offering, providing clients with single-point access to a comprehensive range of the services.

See how we can help you

Client Communities

As the home environment is integral to the growth and health of the child, we understand that parents and carers must receive the best support possible. At Imagine therapies we are with you and your child every step of the way, with case workers ensuring that the program is stress free and your child is receiving care from the best in the business. Communication continues from the moment you step out the clinic doors, from face to face conversations to online consultancy. We understand that parents need to believe that change is possible, and we create that change.
The team at Imagine Therapies come into Daycare and Early Learning Centres to identify children with any learning difficulties so they are supported throughout their time at the centre. The staff are given the right tools to assist these children in their learning and play, which is of great benefit to not only the child, but the staff and parents too.
Imagine therapies staff step into schools to bridge the gap between student and teacher, this enhances the learning environment by providing the teachers the tools they need to help students that need that little bit of extra help. This school based approach is what makes us unique, as well as the focus on providing in depth feedback to parents.
At Imagine Therapies, our therapists and pathologists offer a range of services at an exceptional level of quality, all of which can be found in one place. With years and years of experience in varying fields, our staff offer knowledge and care that is unparalleled.

Our locations

Address: Suit 10 C, Brightwater Corporate Centre
69 – 79 Attenuata Drive, Mountain Creek, 4557

Phone: 07 5493 6807
Fax: 07 5302 0735

Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–5PM

Address: Suite 10C, Brightwater Corporate Centre
69-79 Attenuata Dr, Mountain Creek QLD 4557, Australia

Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–5PM

Face-to-Face Services

Sunshine Coast
North Brisbane
South Brisbane

Head Office

Suite 10C
69-79 Attenuata Drive
Mountain Creek, 4557

(07) 5493 6807

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In-School Delivery

Exclusively servicing a number of private schools in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast

Call for details

To find out more about our in-school delivery capabilities call us direct and ask for Samuel Gourley

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Online Services

We have a growing number of programs and webinars accessible anywhere, anytime online

Nationwide Capability

Our new ASD early intervention program includes modules that can be delivered online to rural and remote communities with limited access to specialist care


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