British Columbia issues a new draw

British Columbia has conducted a new draw in which it has selected 57 candidates. The candidates have been selected as per the different streams of Express Entry British Columbia and Skills Immigration categories. All those tech workers are only selected who have experience in one of the 29 occupations which have been declared eligible for this stream.

Express entry British Columbia requires that the candidate must have applied to Express Entry to get selected for this stream. He must have an Express Entry number with him to prove that he has applied to this stream. Two streams are applicable as per the Express Entry for this program. These are:

Express Entry: skilled worker and international graduate streams

Express entry streams: For both these streams, it is important for the candidate to have an employment offer from a BC based employer and must have 2 years of work experience along with this job offer. However, the 2 years experience is not needed for the Express Entry-British Columbia international graduate stream. These workers since they are holding a degree in the last 3 years from a post-secondary institution in  British Columbia are eligible. This system involves that the candidates apply to the system through the British Columbia portal after applying to the Express Entry system.

Skills immigration: This is a base nomination stream. You have to apply to the online British Columbia provincial nominee program system. Once you get the invite, you are again required to apply to this system. The invites were sent for these two streams as follows:

Skills immigration-skilled worker

  • This stream requires that the candidate has 2 years of experience
  • Must have a permanent job offer
  • The employer must provide you with  a job offer which is written

Skills immigration-international graduate

  • The candidate must have completed a post-secondary degree in the last three years.
  • He must have a full-time job offer
  • Your employer must be willing to provide an employer declaration and must be an employer with good working practices.

For all the candidates selected through this system in the 4 streams, this draw had a shortlisting score of 90.

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