Open work permit for NOC code C workers also as per AIPP

There is a new development in the field of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program(AIPP). As per this new development, the spouses of those who are granted a temporary work permit as per the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program are given an open work permit. Previously open work permit was only given to spouses of those workers who were going to work in the different occupational categories of NOC 0, B or A as per the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Now, this open work permit scheme had been extended to spouses of temporary work permit holders in occupation code NOC C.

This will improve the movement of workers, especially to rural areas. These changes have been done on the basis of a need which was being felt by the workers for a long time. Atlantic immigration pilot program was introduced in 2017 so that employers of 4 provinces have the chances to recruit workers from abroad for a position for which labor cant be recruited locally.

This program has 4 provinces participating in it, which are New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The immigration minister of Nova Scotia has commented that Lena Diab has commented that her staff has already been able to get 570 immigrants as per this program for the 792 seats which have been allotted to it. The temporary work permit as per this program is given for 1 year. Diab has also said that due to this program, the declining population of Nova Scotia is on an increase now.

The New Brunswick has more seats than Nova Scotia in Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Nova Scotia has put in a lot of efforts to make sure that the students are aware of this program. Therefore, programs are held in colleges to provide information about this immigration stream. These programs were in the form of information sessions, held in different universities of Nova Scotia for students to grab chances with employers. Diab is very excited about the number of people who have Nova Scotia immigration and they are 3,530 between January 1 and July 1 of 2018. In 2016, there were 3,890 immigrants coming to the province of Nova Scotia. However, there were 1,475 Syrian refugees that year. There is not much immigration of Syrian refugees this year.

Atlantic immigration pilot program has 3 immigration streams which are given below:

High-Skilled Program

The job offer should be for a year.

Intermediate-Skilled Program

  • Have work experience of 1 year
  • There must be a job proposed to the candidate which should be permanent.

International Graduate Program

  • The candidate must have had some education from one of the 4 Atlantic provinces in Canada.
  • This degree must not be older than 2 years
  • The candidate must also have resided in an Atlantic province for 16 months out of 2 years prior to getting the degree.
  • He should have been proposed a one-year job offer.

An immigration consultancy can help you in getting a work permit as per this program.

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