Australia reduces the immigration limits from 1,90,000 to 1,60,000

Scott Morrison, the current Prime Minister of Australia has announced a new immigration policy as per which there will be a substantial reduction in the number of immigrants every year from 1,90,000 to 1,60,000. This is the immigration target for Australia PR visa as per him in the coming 4 years. There will also be skilled worker visas with a  limit of 23,000 and PR will be allotted to those who have lived in certain regions for 3 years. The Australian government has invited 162,417 immigrants through the PR visas in 2018. The major reason behind this immigration cut is that due to more immigrants choosing to live in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, there have been problems such as congestion on roads.

Business community not happy with the change

However, the business community of Australia is not happy with this reduction in the number of immigrants.  The Migration Council Australia has already condemned the decision to reduce immigration saying that there will be a reduction in economic growth by reducing immigration numbers. Australia had a higher number of immigration limits so far.  The quota was 1,90,000 which was divided between skilled work visas and visas catering to a family reunion.  In May 2018, all the business communities had come to the conclusion that the PR intake should be at 1,90,000. This Meeting consisted of business communities such as the Australian Council of Trade unions and the famous group called Australian Industry. He said that the immigration if often less than the limits set for it. The chief of the AI group has said that the migration levels had been reduced to 1,60,000 which was less than the numbers which were invited in 2017-2018. In April, the Australian chamber of commerce has also criticized the government’s decision to reduce immigration numbers because it leads to lesser availability of skilled labor force.

Live in regional areas for 3 years to get PR

The government wants more population to shift to the rural areas, so if anyone broke the law by shifting to bigger cities, the PR status would be denied to them. They would have to live in regional areas for 3 years to get PR. Australian chamber of commerce and industry had also criticized the decision to reduce the number of skilled visas because it believes that the number of eligible occupations is getting decreased for which immigrant force is actually needed in Australia. Earlier the plans were to reduce the immigration number from 1,60,000 to 1,10,000 but Morrison who was not Prime Minister then had criticized the decision saying that there would be a fiscal deficit if immigration was reduced so much. The government is also going to check more diligently the applications made for PR. There have been cases in the past when the applicants have presented fraudulent PR applications consisting of fake education.

In 2017-2018, there has been a decrease in the family visas issued. This is because the government does not want to invite anyone who is in a fake relationship. There has been a decrease of 20,000 immigrants invited under family visas. The leader of the Labor Party Anthony Albanese had supported this change and said it was welcome.


British Columbia issues a new draw

British Columbia has conducted a new draw in which it has selected 57 candidates. The candidates have been selected as per the different streams of Express Entry British Columbia and Skills Immigration categories. All those tech workers are only selected who have experience in one of the 29 occupations which have been declared eligible for this stream.

Express entry British Columbia requires that the candidate must have applied to Express Entry to get selected for this stream. He must have an Express Entry number with him to prove that he has applied to this stream. Two streams are applicable as per the Express Entry for this program. These are:

Express Entry: skilled worker and international graduate streams

Express entry streams: For both these streams, it is important for the candidate to have an employment offer from a BC based employer and must have 2 years of work experience along with this job offer. However, the 2 years experience is not needed for the Express Entry-British Columbia international graduate stream. These workers since they are holding a degree in the last 3 years from a post-secondary institution in  British Columbia are eligible. This system involves that the candidates apply to the system through the British Columbia portal after applying to the Express Entry system.

Skills immigration: This is a base nomination stream. You have to apply to the online British Columbia provincial nominee program system. Once you get the invite, you are again required to apply to this system. The invites were sent for these two streams as follows:

Skills immigration-skilled worker

  • This stream requires that the candidate has 2 years of experience
  • Must have a permanent job offer
  • The employer must provide you with  a job offer which is written

Skills immigration-international graduate

  • The candidate must have completed a post-secondary degree in the last three years.
  • He must have a full-time job offer
  • Your employer must be willing to provide an employer declaration and must be an employer with good working practices.

For all the candidates selected through this system in the 4 streams, this draw had a shortlisting score of 90.

Why it is great to live in British Columbia?

British Columbia is a great province to be a part of. However, it is expensive to live in this province. Rocky mountains are also located in British Columbia. 54 million passengers use British Columbia Transit buses throughout the year. You can easily travel around this province with buses and taxis. You can also take a car for rent. However, to drive a car, you must have a license and must be 21 years old. You can also book the tickets for BC Transit buses online. So, traveling is feasible with BR Transit buses there.

You can search for a rental house through a rental agency. You can enlist for their services by paying a fee. You can also search for a rental property through a newspaper that contains listings of the properties. Apart from that,  websites are listed in the newspaper also. Register with Nile Migration to get immigration to British Columbia. You can get all the information about immigration to this province through us.


Should Britain opt to move out of the European Union?

Leaving European Union will provide an opportunity for Britain to have free trade in every part of the world. Being a part of the European Union, it had to conduct non-free trade with countries that are a part of it. However, there are no economic benefits that would accrue to Britain if it decides to leave the European Union.

What will happen to Britain?

Leaving the European Union would imply weaker trade relations between the UK and the US. UK won’t be able to get entry into the US market and henceforth would have to comply with all the demands of the US which would imply so much loss for the UK. The UK would become just like a US state except that it won’t have any voting rights, unlike any US state. So, the US could make very harsh demands on the US including maintaining environmental standards and labor. Therefore it would be more advantageous for the UK to stay in the European Union than to move out of it. Losing trade relations with the US could mean a lot to Britain.

Anglosphere nations don’t hold much scope for Britain

If Britain decides to focus on relationships with the Anglosphere nations, then not so many prospects are there. In the event of getting out of the European Union, Britain would strengthen trade relations with the Anglosphere which are Canada, Australia, USA and NewZealand and the former colonies of this country.  The former colonies include Nigeria and India. Britain will become dependent on these countries. There is not much hope in improving trade relations with countries called Anglosphere.

Australia wants to become better partners with ASEAN group countries! Hence no scope for Britain here also

Britain won’t be able to strengthen it’s trade relations with Australia because Australia is working on developing economic partnerships with countries such as India, China, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand. There are also some 10 countries in the ASEAN group and Australia is looking forward to having better relations with them. These member countries are Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. 

India has it’s own conditions for trade! So Britain can’t depend on India also

However, the UK could strengthen trade relations with India. But India has it’s own stringent conditions which include the decision to reintroduce post-study visas which have been scrapped by the UK. So, if the UK is unable to bring these visas again, it would have a positive effect on trade. But, the UK won’t listen to this demand because Brexit only happened because this country wanted to curb immigration.

Another reason due to which trade cant be improved between US and UK is because India and the EU are on good trading terms. India wants to have good relations with the EU and won’t risk it for better relations with the UK. Moreover, India won’t reduce the high tariffs imposed on scotch whiskey. These tariffs are a major barrier to improving trade relations between the UK  and India. After going out of the EU, Britain would make way for India improving trade relations with the EU.

If Britain has hopes of improving relations with Africa, there is not much scope to it because China already has captured markets there.

 So, moving out of Brexit is not such a practical option for Britain.


Open work permit for NOC code C workers also as per AIPP

There is a new development in the field of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program(AIPP). As per this new development, the spouses of those who are granted a temporary work permit as per the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program are given an open work permit. Previously open work permit was only given to spouses of those workers who were going to work in the different occupational categories of NOC 0, B or A as per the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Now, this open work permit scheme had been extended to spouses of temporary work permit holders in occupation code NOC C.

This will improve the movement of workers, especially to rural areas. These changes have been done on the basis of a need which was being felt by the workers for a long time. Atlantic immigration pilot program was introduced in 2017 so that employers of 4 provinces have the chances to recruit workers from abroad for a position for which labor cant be recruited locally.

This program has 4 provinces participating in it, which are New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The immigration minister of Nova Scotia has commented that Lena Diab has commented that her staff has already been able to get 570 immigrants as per this program for the 792 seats which have been allotted to it. The temporary work permit as per this program is given for 1 year. Diab has also said that due to this program, the declining population of Nova Scotia is on an increase now.

The New Brunswick has more seats than Nova Scotia in Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Nova Scotia has put in a lot of efforts to make sure that the students are aware of this program. Therefore, programs are held in colleges to provide information about this immigration stream. These programs were in the form of information sessions, held in different universities of Nova Scotia for students to grab chances with employers. Diab is very excited about the number of people who have Nova Scotia immigration and they are 3,530 between January 1 and July 1 of 2018. In 2016, there were 3,890 immigrants coming to the province of Nova Scotia. However, there were 1,475 Syrian refugees that year. There is not much immigration of Syrian refugees this year.

Atlantic immigration pilot program has 3 immigration streams which are given below:

High-Skilled Program

The job offer should be for a year.

Intermediate-Skilled Program

  • Have work experience of 1 year
  • There must be a job proposed to the candidate which should be permanent.

International Graduate Program

  • The candidate must have had some education from one of the 4 Atlantic provinces in Canada.
  • This degree must not be older than 2 years
  • The candidate must also have resided in an Atlantic province for 16 months out of 2 years prior to getting the degree.
  • He should have been proposed a one-year job offer.

An immigration consultancy can help you in getting a work permit as per this program.